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Education Services

One On One Immigration is among the few companies who provide education and immigration services at the same desk. As a graduate of the ICEF Canada Course and member of the Canadian Consortium of International Education, the Chief Consultant of the company is well qualified to offer advice on the matters of international education.

We offer consultation on foreign education and suggest the best option based on candidate’s interest and academic background. The consultation session (45 – 60 minute) sufficiently educates the candidate about a potential road map for learning in a Canadian college/university. This session gives the candidates a good idea on whether they should attend a Canadian educational institution or not. We strongly recommend that the candidates book a consultation session before starting on the admission process.

An academic program generally sets the career path for a student. Academic program selection is the most challenging task for young students who may not be fully aware of the pros and cons of the study program they are interested in. Based on the future-plans and career interests of the student, we help in tailoring an academic program that not only matches with the personal interests of the candidate but is also in demand in the work market.

Selection of a college/university for education abroad is influenced by multiple factors, such as the availability of the academic program of student’s interest, tuition fees, cost of living in the area, potential job opportunities in the region etc. For some students, low tuition and living costs are important and they prefer inexpensive institutions while for others ranking of the institution and the program are a priority. Selecting the right institution is very important as it has a high impact on achieving one’s career goals. With first-hand knowledge of Canadian life, and information about various learning institutions, we are well positioned to offer correct advice on choosing an institution to match your budget and priorities.

Most often the admission process – and the associated requirements – of a Designated Learning Institution (University, college etc.) is a notable challenge for the international students. We are available to make this process easy for you. After preliminary consultation, evaluation of your academic interest, and selection of the right university/college, we will work with you on fulfilling the admission requirements. This may include completing an English language requirement, preparing the admission forms/application, facilitating tuition-fee deposit, assessment of educational credentials from a recognized organization in Canada, communicating with the institutions on your behalf, and advising you on the right option for on-campus or off-campus residence.

With our base in Canada, we are well familiar with the housing options and residential needs of the students coming to Canada for the first time. We will guide you through this process to make your experience of coming to Canada as pleasant as possible.

After you have received a formal letter of admission from your college/university, you will need a study permit and student visa to enter Canada. Since our company is authorized to provide immigration services, we will be pleased to assist you in your application for study permit/ visa.

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